Complete online respondent management for qualitative and mixed methodology projects


HT HUB is the revolutionary way for researchers to design, manage, conduct, analyse and deliver their online research projects


Browser-based with no downloads. 
Simple user interface, works on any device worldwide.



End-to-end encryption.
Multi-permission access.



Free, dedicated support specialist.
Respondent technical checks.
Moderator hand holding.
In-session trouble shooting.


Our unique in-built tool for managing respondent recruitment, group and task allocation and participation management at any time

Imagine a place where recruiters, researchers and clients can view the participants who have been invited to take part in an online project, where they can review profiles, allocate tasks, send messages, manage no-shows and reallocations via a simple dashboard.

Simple multi-function dashboard to import and manage participants, create tasks, schedule online group sessions and monitor progress.
Multiple permissions for Recruiters, Project Managers, Researchers and Observers (Clients).
Participants can be allocated to any type of task, group or survey in any order.
Flexible allocation of respondents for precise usership/quota matching.
Virtual one-way mirror for client viewing where viewers cannot interact with the live session; also viewer chat to enable interaction with moderator.
Built in email communications, no delays between respondent, recruiter and researcher (e.g. in the case of no show/unavailability).
All allocated research tasks are accessible to participants, researchers and observers via a single link.
Participants can be grouped via imported segmentation and tagging.
Participation monitoring and management.
Single click log in for respondents who can update their availability and accept invitations to research activities.

Why we developed HT HUB

Working with some of the world’s leading market research agencies and brands who use our HT FACE online qualitative platform, we understand the unique challenge of managing qualitative samples. We developed HT HUB to enable recruiters, clients and researchers to improve transparency, speed of access, troubleshooting and participation.

With HT HUB, everything is managed in one place for maximum efficiency, security and speed.

We hope you enjoy using HT HUB.


HT HUB can do all of this and more.

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