Simple, secure, supported online qualitative research platforms for projects across the globe

Anticipating the needs of the market research industry across the globe

If you are conducting qualitative market research online, we have a suite of software platforms with the tools you need and a few you might not have realised were possible.
Browser-based platforms with no downloads and no delay
UX tool so that you can see your participants interacting online and understand their user experience
Worldwide availability and data stored to meet local data protection legislation
Simultaneous translation for international research
Watermarking of sensitive content and image rights protection.

Key areas of expertise

Online qualitative research platform

While others have adapted standard live streaming approaches, we have designed HT FACE, specifically for online market research, and it’s created to be simple and secure, reliable and flexible.

User Experience

As more market researchers explore users' online experiences, we have solutions that take information directly from device screens. The technology means that you see what your participants can see and how they’re interacting with you online.

Facility streaming

In facility research sessions and focus groups are a key element of qualitative market research. HT ARTHUR provides a turnkey solution of platform, connections and monitoring to give you as our partner great live streaming and recording of live research sessions.

Find out more about HTAIR’s solutions for each one of these and, if you’d like to talk to us about your challenges and possibilities, there’s no better time.

Security and support

Technology enables our products; people turn them into solutions.
Security is at the heart of our tools but we also understand that you need immediacy, transparency and simplicity. That’s what we offer, for market researchers, for client companies and for every participant and user.
Secure cloud recording built in
End-to-end encryption is standard
Content is instantly available, with transcription and translation as required.

But it’s about our people too.

First, we can help you develop your ideal research solution. , Then our specialist team members are on hand during your project to check connections, offer moderator support and troubleshoot any issues so that your team can focus on the research.

If that sounds like the combination of technology and people that you need, please get in touch.

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