HTAIR's Privacy and Security

End-to-end security and the reassurance you need for online qualitative research

Security from end to end

HT FACE was the first web conferencing platform to have E2EE as standard. We know how vital it is to be confident in the security of your market research.

Security at every stage

Our system ensures that your data is stored in the region where it was created. This means that nothing is routed through other regions and your data storage will be 100% compliant with local data protection regulations.

You can download our GDPR compliance policy here. We work within the regional and national equivalents of GDPR wherever you are in the world and whichever markets you are researching.

Protection where you need it

Our servers have exceptionally high levels of security and protection but we know that you need confidence at every stage. That’s why our platforms also offer optional password protection and watermarking of sensitive content when required.

When you need transcripts, HT FACE is the only platform to offer an AI-based transcription tool that can identify personal information (PII) and remove it, keeping your transcriptions compliant. The transcription tool also offers video with subtitles and an export that identifies each different speaker.

Finally, we never sell data to third parties – we’d hope that’s a given but it seems worth saying to be absolutely clear.

Our Acceptable Usage and Data Protection and Loss Prevention policies go into much more detail on all of this. You can download them here if you need to check the small print.

Need more reassurance?

We understand that security and privacy are big issues so, if you’d like to ask further questions, there’s no better time to set up a call so we can answer all your questions and have one of our experts discuss your potential project.

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