End-to-end security and the reassurance you need for online qualitative research

What makes HTAIR solutions different and better?

Our platforms are designed specifically for market researchers by our expert software engineers and specialists – and it shows.
We understand the needs of today’s online qualitative research projects
We can anticipate the features that will make a difference
We find solutions to the challenges of making online as effective as possible
We know what you need for your in-facility research.

Understanding the market research sector means that we know you need answers to key questions so that you can convince your colleagues, your clients and your tech team about HTAIR’s platforms and research solutions.

We’ve tried to answer the key questions in this section but, if we’ve missed something, please contact us and let’s talk.

How are your solutions any better than something “off the peg”?

Adapting standard live streaming tools for market research is not ideal. HTAIR's solutions for online qualitative market research are designed for the way you work and the information that you need – and we’ve built in the immediacy, the transparency and the security too. HTAIR platforms work with military-grade encryption and our 4k YouTube studio is completely secure.

Can your platforms be used anywhere in the world?

The simple answer is Yes. The simplicity of the user interface and the simultaneous translation make HTAIR solutions ideal for international or multi-national research projects. For the more technical answer, we have processing nodes with access to multiple broadcasting points around the world. This means that you can use our platforms anywhere and the data will be stored on the nearest node, compliant with local data protection legislation.

Where is my organisation’s data stored and for how long?

HTAIR maintains a number of geographically distributed data centres, usually part of the Amazon Web Services network. We recommend a standard storage period of 6 months but this is flexible and storage periods can be defined with specific clients. Our emphasis on security is your reassurance that this important aspect is always in place.

Will clients, moderators and participants see each other online?

Respondents and observers are separated by the online equivalent of a one-way mirror. Our platforms have a client viewing lounge where clients can watch what’s happening while respondents are in the main interview “room” with the moderator, unable to see the clients. And there’s always support on hand to help if you need it.

How does transcription and simultaneous translation work?

HTAIR offers machine transcription as standard and we can source bespoke transcribers if required. We have a network of simultaneous translators, offering 36 languages in all, who can cover all the main global markets. HTAIR's platforms are designed to use up to six languages at any one time and the translation is only ever two seconds behind the live research. And it’s all secure too.

Do you require signed NDAs from users? own privacy, muting and other features?

Yes – everything your participants would expect is built into our online solutions but without the downloads and hassles. One link in a browser and the research platform opens up. Participants can then control their admission, muting, privacy and removal. We keep our tools as simple as possible.

Why have I never heard of HTAIR before?

HTAIR has grown on the basis of word of mouth and recommendations and that’s kept us busy! Today, our clients are among the biggest in-house market research departments and specialist agencies around the world. We like to think we’ve supported their success with our solutions and the insights into customers that come with effective market research.

Maybe we could shout a little louder about what we do and we’re glad you’ve found us.

How can I find out more?

We’re keen to talk and we know we can’t answer every question here. Whatever you need to know, please get in touch and we can answer your questions with an online call or meeting.

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