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Thriller in Manilla

Thriller in Manilla


A leading consumer research company in the Philippines wanted to provide something extra to their back-room client observers. The client wanted one of the two cameras in the interview room to be controlled by those back-room observers so that they could zoom in and out and move around during the research. The aim was to provide multiple high-quality video, picture in picture, of the research process in action as a broadcast to live viewers worldwide.


HTAIR Facility Streaming was installed and, after technical support to ensure that the dual camera approach was in place, the platform broadcast two 2k camera feeds where one of the cameras worked on a wireless network for remote control. This set up is now one of High Tech’s permanent in-facility installations across the globe.


Our client was overjoyed that we were able to fulfil their exact brief. Not only were the two camera feeds possible but real time translation enabled the whole project to work seamlessly.


From HTAIR “It’s great when we can simplify what seems complicated to the client and make it work so easily. Our experience around the world with HT Facility Streaming variations is the reason we’re so often asked to work with market research partners to create these environments.

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