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On the streets in Jakarta

On the streets in Jakarta


A market research agency working in Indonesia wanted to wander the streets of Jakarta and interview street food sellers and their customers. The goal of the research was to understand whether people needed a menu on the street if they wanted to buy. We knew that this would be a tough project as the speed test results of all the local mobile phone networks were not great.


Our Chief Technology Officer always enjoys a challenge and he developed and implemented a piece of variable bit rate technology into the HT FACE app, our streaming app for smart phones. With this in place, the market research team could get out and about on the streets of the city. The streams continued without interruption, even when the bandwidth reduced in speed, whether due to the network itself or to online traffic congestion.


Under the challenging circumstances, our client was delighted with the results. We think they enjoyed the street food of the city too!


Client “HTAIR team is the partner you’d always want to work with. Reliable, communicative, and problem solving is their solemn promises to the clients. We’ve been partnering with HTAIR for most of our top projects and their services are always excellent.” Kantar Indonesia

From HTAIR “This was a fun project to watch and the tech development that made it possible will be a useful tool for other market research projects in future. It’s good to know that HT FACE will deliver for clients even where the local infrastructure needs reinforcement.

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