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Keeping it simple in Kuala Lumpur

Keeping it simple in Kuala Lumpur


A market research agency asked if HTAIR could provide a videographer to accompany a researcher into homes across Kuala Lumpur. Once we understood the objectives and setting, we had just one question: Does the researcher have an Android phone? The answer was Yes and we had a very simple solution.


There was no need for a videographer as the researcher could combine that aspect with her own role by using our video streaming platform, HT FACE. After a quick visit to the online Google Play Store on her phone, the researcher had downloaded HT FACE and was able to run a quick test stream to make sure that everyone in her office could see clearly.


With minimum cost and hassle, six focus groups were run within three days, streamed, and recorded into the cloud by the researcher. And everything was completed on 3G.


From HTAIR “Sometimes the simplest solution is the best and HT FACE is all about simplicity and security. This researcher was surprised that this approach was possible and the market research agency team was delighted with the results too.

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