Reinventing live streaming for the
global market research industry

At HTAIR, we have over 30 years combined experience in qualitative research tools. We use that experience to develop online research platforms and support services that deliver exactly what you need – security, simplicity and a helping hand. And we’re delivering it for some of the biggest global brands.


Providing secure worldwide solutions

Our suite of online tools is used by market research companies around the world to provide their clients with the insights they need. Using our platforms HT FACE, HT UX and HT FACILITY, you can find out what your customers want, how they interact with your products and why they do what they do.
We have grown to be a business with offices in the EU, UK, US, Thailand, and Singapore, so we’re on hand when you need us.
We have a network of technical support people, advisers and developers working from locations around the world and available to help global clients 24/7.
We have simultaneous translators available to cover all the key global markets with a platform that supports 36 languages and offers up to 6 simultaneous languages at any time.
Encryption and security are at the heart of our tools but we also understand that you need immediacy, transparency and simplicity. That’s what we offer - for market researchers, for their client companies and for every participant and user.

Technology enables our platforms -
people turn them into solutions

With our roots in security technology, we also understand that people make the difference. In market research, talking to people, listening to them and learning from them is what the challenge is all about.

When you work with us, you’ll get to know our people and our philosophy to bring you the best products with best in class support.

You’ll have a dedicated support specialist available (via email and video call) with a hand to hold as your projects take shape, live technical support for every research session and someone to troubleshoot any issues you might have.

It’s this personal contact that makes us different.

If you’d like to find out more about us, please get in touch – it’s time to talk.


Technology has the potential to make a significant impact on the environment. At HTAIR, we take our responsibilities seriously and understand that live streaming and online services use energy.

That’s why we’ve taken a simple approach to this complicated global issue – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.


This is our biggest challenge and also our biggest opportunity. Reducing consumption should always be the preferred option and we have acted in three key areas.

Server energy

Our global network of data centres – in the UK, US, Germany and Singapore - is consistently powered by renewable energy. Our partner matches 100% of annual electricity consumption with purchases of renewable energy, redressing regional and global imbalances and encouraging sustainable investments. When each video stream and each online focus group uses electricity, it’s our priority to ensure that the power’s as green as possible.

Office energy and impact

Worldwide, our team members work from home offices. All are on carbon-neutral energy tariffs to minimise our impact. We use a range of software tools and systems to make us as close to paperless as we can be.

Travel and fuel costs

Face-to-face contact through online platforms is at the heart of our products and at the heart of our business approach too. We closely monitor travel and fuel use to challenge the need and ensure a minimum impact.


When we can’t reduce, we try to re-use - and hardware is a key area of impact where we’re setting targets and making progress.

Redundant hardware

Out-of-date computers, phones and other devices represent a huge investment in raw materials, some of them in short supply. We are seeking out local partners to find ways of re-using equipment where we can and, when not possible, to recycle components, ideally reclaiming precious raw materials.


When we’ve tried the other options, recycling is still a good way to reduce our impact.

Printer consumables

We avoid print when we can but, when it’s a necessity, we use cartridge-free toner and sustainable inks.


When paper is unavoidable, we make sure that it’s from sustainable sources and we recycle as a priority.
We are constantly learning and improving our sustainability as best practice develops. If you have ideas for improvements or would like to know more about what we do in this area, please get in touch.

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